BOEING Cargo LED Light retrofit

Finally done!

The second Generation of LED retrofit Light for the BOEING Cargo family arrived today.

More savings in Energy, Weight, Maintenance, Procurement and Warehousing than ever.

Our brand new version is - again - a 100% plug and play retrofit for the existing Light Assy from Honeywell.

We can deliver a complete Shipset (777 Cargo for example) within 8 weeks - fully certified minor change incl. 

EASA Form 1.

You - again - don´t have to touch any wire! You just have to exchange the assy itself. Easy as can be.

Weight savings now: 122 Grams per Assy.

Power consumption is no higher than 8% of what you need during your unloading / loading or maintenance processes.

Our test aircraft (Boeing 777 Cargo) needed 7700KW/h with regular bulbs - After the installation, consumption came down as low as 616KW/h.

From our point of view maintenance is the biggy too! 2200 bulbs are exchanged on a Boeing 777 cargo in one year (aprox.) - after installing our solution, you will no longer have to exchange any light. So there´s a big saving in for your Airline.

Interested customers are invited to contact us. We´re here to help.

Here´s a collection of pictures - new version:


Cabin Light LED retrofit

100% Plug and Play solution for AC cabin light.

Implementation of Quantum Control

DOTAS implements Quantum Control


<p>DOTAS AVIATION INC. is officially a NBAA Business Member since<br></p>

Tac 2000 I/A/W FAA-0056B approval

Tac-2000 I/A/W FAA-0056B approval

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